37th Internationalen Ibbenbürener Motorrad-Veteranen-Rallye

During the Whitsun weekend the traditional Ibbenbürner motorcycle weekend took place. For the 37th time a large number of pre-1940 motorcycles where on display and took tours through the lovely Tecklenburg- and Münsterland countryside. This excellent event, aided by many volunteers and organisations such as DEKRA, the ADAC and the German Red Cross, was blessed with good weather making the Saturday tour of approx. 40km and the Sunday tour of around 120km a joy for the drivers and the many spectators along the route. During the breaks, many people visited the parking lots that where overflowing with families, many with young kids, taking the opportunity to see this part of our Cultural Heritage.

On Sunday evening the prices for the traditional regularity run, held in the athletics stadium of Ibberbürn, where presented. FIVA, in the person of Jos Theuns due to other obligations of the Mario Theissen who is the patron of this event, was pleased to present the “Best Preserved Vehicle Award” . The speech preceding the price-giving can be found below:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to thank all of you and more especially the organizers for their invitation to come to Ibbenbüren in order to present you with the “FIVA Best Preserved Vehicle Award“, the price for the most original, non-restored historic motorcycle.

A few words about the FIVA: Our goals focus on the Protection, Preservation and Promotion of Historic Vehicles including, obviously, historic e motorcycles. Much of our work is done behind the scene whereby papers are being pushed back and forth between Brussels, Washington, Beijing, Berlin and other seats of politicians and FIVA board members or FIVA delegates. Aim is to ensure the continues use of our cultural heritage on  public roads so their remain visible to the general public.

Ibbenbüren is a superb example of this! Nowhere can one see so  many historic motorcycles together is a single spot. The excitement over this cultural heritage is clearly visible at both the drivers as well as the many, many spectators along the routes.

All of this is only possible due to hard work of the organizers and many volunteers.  To all of you warm THANK YOU from FIVA and naturally also your patron Mario Theissen, who sends his regards.

Now I come to the main topic; the prices! As an exception, the jury has decided to give 3 prices rather than one, this due to the very high number of absolute excellent unrestored and well preserved motorcycles.  The organizers have made two cups available for this, whereby the number 1 receives the FIVA plaque.

Jos Theuns
Vice-President FIVA

The selected motorcycles:

– Number 4: The 1906 Condor 330cc of Gert Holmersma (NL)

– Number 32: The 1924 BSA 500cc with sidecar of Susanne Dohn (Dld)

Both of these received a cup each for their joint 2nd place.

The overall winner was the 1929 NSU 201T of Holger Rasch with number 345.

Technical details:

  • Frame Number: 831607
  • Displacement: 199 cm³ (56,5 x 80 mm)
  • Horsepower: 4,5 PS
  • Type: Single cylinder 4-stroke
  • Engine Number : 125576
  • Ignition: Bosch Magnet Typ FC1A / RS10
  • Carburetor: Amac – Typ 30 PJH
  • Chain driven
  • Gears: 3-gears monoblock
  • Wheels fort and rear: the optional NSU 2,5 x 19“ version
  • Tyres: Steel reinforced Metzeler Block C 3.25-19 TT 54P
  • Lights: Front Bosch ES 150 – Rear: Bosch, both through a dry battery
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Seats: 2
  • Maximum speed: 65 km/h


  • Holger Rasch
  • Date of birth: 21.08.1965

Pictures can be found here but more will be added in the coming days

Pressemitteilung auf deutsch hier

37th Internationalen Ibbenbürener Motorrad-Veteranen-Rallye