Responsible use is key – FIVA introduces its new Guide for historic motoring

One of the highlights of FIVA’s annual General Assembly, held this year in Gibraltar, was the presentation of the FIVA Guide for responsible use of historic vehicles on today’s roads. It reminds owners and drivers of historic vehicles of the importance of caring for the environment, and for the safety of other road-users, when taking a trip in a historic vehicle.

Tiddo Bresters, FIVA’s Vice President for Legislation, comments, “FIVA is fully aware that the world of mobility and transport is changing. However, it is also deeply convinced that in times of rapid innovation in vehicle technology, the sight of historic vehicles in use on the roads – artefacts that demonstrate the designs, the skills and the cultures of past times – will continue to delight people all over the world.

“Not only does our new Guide address the more than a million and a half historic vehicle owners that FIVA represents, it will also help the authorities and institutions influential in road safety and the environment to recognise that historic vehicles have a place in the world’s future landscape – as they have had for so many decades in the past.”

With the publication of the new Guide, FIVA confirms its commitment to maintaining the high standards of road safety for which historic vehicle drivers are known – not least by the insurance industry. (Indeed, FIVA is a member of the European Road Safety Charter, which it joined almost 10 years ago.)

The Guide replaces earlier publications that expressed FIVA’s respect for these two essential concerns – the environment and the safety of other road-users – and FIVA’s member organisations in around 70 countries, across all continents, will be encouraged to actively distribute it.

The Guide, which has over 20 pages and is imaginatively illustrated by three women illustrators from three different countries, has been edited under the direction of FIVA’s Legislation Commission. The cover of the Guide (image available for publication) is inspired by an actual photograph taken by FIVA’s Tiddo Bresters in Heidelberg in 2018 – and it perfectly illustrates the joy of introducing future generations to our mobile heritage. It shows children displaying a natural curiosity in the unusual sight of a BMW Isetta – a motorcycle-engined microcar from the 1950s – and in the background the illustrator has added its modern equivalent, a brand-new electric microcar, the Microlino, inspired by the Isetta.

Click Here to download the English Version: FIVA_guide_EN
Click Here to download the French Version: FIVA_guide_FR

Responsible use is key – FIVA introduces its new Guide for historic motoring