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Legislation Commission in Bucharest

The Legislation Commission (LC) met on 11 and 12 May in Romania’s capital Bucharest. The meeting was hosted by FIVA’s ANF Retromobil Club Romania (RCR). By convening in Romania the LC implemented for the first time a concept that was presented to the 2018 General Assembly in Gibraltar. That is to have LC meetings in the country which at that time has the EU Presidency. According to a rotation scheme each of the EU Member States is EU President country for a half calendar year. In that period it leads all EU Council meetings and has a more influential role on the EU agenda.

It offers the country the chance to put itself in the picture and makes it the first country to approach for interest representation too. The EU arena is FIVA’s sole multinational governmental playing field. For protecting the right to make use of public roads it is therefore essential that FIVA acts directly with EU politicians and policy makers, but for achieving results good cooperation with FIVA’s ANF’s and other national members in the EU Member States is very important too. So it makes sense to tighten relations with our members in the EU, to visit them and to learn about their concerns. So did the LC in Bucharest. RCR’s president mr Bogdan Coconoiu reported that RCR succeeded in securing the supplies of ethanol free fuel.

Also he told about the challenge to preserve historic cars in a country where still a high percentage of the vehicle park is over 30 years old, because many cannot afford to buy a newer car (but also because of the population’s skills to keep old Dacia’s and other old vehicles running!). Much time was spent to discussing ideas regarding the registration of historic vehicles as an enabler to FIVA’s ultimate goal: to keep yesterday’s cars on tomorrow’s roads. The LC sees its task in offering recommendations and best practices for all its members worldwide, and is certainly not only oriented at the EU. But when FIVA is successful in the EU, the rest of the world will profit from our activities there. Apart from good meeting facilities RCR offered wonderful hospitality, and provided stylish shuttle services too: a rare Jeep Comando (made in Spain!) and an – even for Romania – rare Dacia 2-door 1410 Sport Coupé. The next “LC meets the EU Presidency” convention will be in Finland, in September.

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