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On the 25th and 26th of June, Frank Delesen (CP4Y) and Jos Theuns (FIVA) attended the EUCON After Market Symposium in Munster Germany.This yearly symposium is organized by EUCON GmbH who provides manufacturers, whole- and end-user market suppliers and other stakeholders in the industry with important data on vehicle age, usages and origin of spare parts, etc. With satellite offices in Europe, North America and Asia and more than 20 years in the business, EUCON GmbH can be considered a market leader in this field.Changing market conditions and an increase in the interest for youngtimers and historic vehicles was one of the reasons for the invitation that was kicked off with an informal BBQ get-together with… a number of classic vehicles!The EUCON staff, many of them high grade software engineers, also enjoy real vehicles next to their virtual software world and our Global Partner Glasurit was kind enough to attended this get-together as well, showing, amongst others, a Ford T-type and Jurgen Book’s “Green Monster”, a not-so-standard Texas inspired vehicle with snakeskin accents and other unique details that created much discussion and fun!The meeting took place on the Wednesday and was packed with very useful inform [...]

Glasurit’s Jürgen Book

to be awarded the “Golden Piston 2019”
In 2019, the Forum für Fahrzeuggeschichte F-kubik (Vehicle History Forum) is once again awarding the “Golden Piston” for special achievements in promoting authenticity in vehicle history.The Forum für Fahrzeuggeschichte (Vehicle History Forum), also known as F-kubik or F3, has presented this award at the Bremen Classic Motorshow since 2006. Each year, it goes to a person who stands out for his or her exceptional achievement in promoting authenticity in the documentation of automotive history. Jürgen Book, Classic Cars Manager at BASF Coatings GmbH, will receive the “Golden Piston 2019” award.In early February 2019, Jürgen Book will be presented with the “Golden Piston 2019” award at a ceremony at the Bremen Exhibition Centre. Selected guests and media representatives will be present for the awarding of the certificate and a polished piston.Having initiated the Glasurit Classic Car Colors program in 2007, Book’s contributions to preserving vintage cars include the establishment of the world’s largest color database. The archive of Münster-based paint manufacturer BASF and its Glasurit brand contains thousands of historic sample panels that can be used to reproduce the authentic colors with state-of-the-art, legislation- [...]

Glasurit and FIVA extend partnership

Glasurit to remain global partner for all paint-related matters
For the past three years, Glasurit has been the exclusive global partner of Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the international federation of historic vehicle clubs. The success achieved by the partnership has now prompted FIVA to sign a new agreement in which it extends and intensifies its collaboration with Glasurit, BASF’s traditional premium paint brand.“As FIVA’s exclusive partner for all matters related to paint and refinishing, Glasurit has taken on the role of a global technical consultant for all paint-related matters,” explained FIVA Vice President Dr. Mario Theissen. “Glasurit has made an important contribution to the work of the FIVA commissions. Especially significant is the work by Jürgen Book, Classic Cars Manager at BASF, who collaborated in writing the Charter of Turin Handbook. All topics related to paint are a real challenge when vintage vehicles are maintained and restored. Thanks to Glasurit, FIVA and its members can now tap into the know-how of an industry leader.”Glasurit also highly values the partnership with FIVA. “The cooperation has really raised our profile and has also enabled us to achieve recognition for our technical competency on the classic car scene. The wealth of q [...]

Motul restored a truck

Renault AHS3 from 1940!

Motul, the world famous lubricant producer FIVA Global Partner, has developed a restoration project on a Renault AHS 3 truck.
To keep its authenticity the mechanics are scrubbing off all the rust from the chassis and the mechanical parts, but they leave the bodywork and woodwork in its original bladdered state. The final goal is to show the lorry to the world why keeping its original patina.
This fascinating vehicle has now a new nickname: they call it “The Vagabond”.

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Different but similar objectives!
In recognition of the importance of both organisations, both FIA and FIVA have, so ca called reciprocal membership in each other. Therefore, FIA is a full member of FIVA while FIVA has a membership at FIA.Both parties have similar but not identical goals with regard to vehicle ownership, the joy of this and the importance of heritage of such. During the Paris week this was again underlined by meetings held at the Automobile Club de France.FIVA is not part of the FIA No matter how excellent a magazine as Octane Magzine is, the multitude of abbreviation can create some confusion. However, Octane Magazine quickly responded with the below correction in their August 2016 issue (page 75).With reference to the News Feed story in Octane 156, which states that 2016 is ‘the 50th anniversary of its parent body, the FIA’, I would like to point out that FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, or the International Federation for Historic Vehicles) is not a part of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and FIVA has very little to do with FIA (which, incidentally, was founded in 1904, whereas FIVA dates from 1966).FIA deals with modern cars, and their causes and activities are markedly different from [...]
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