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FIVA World Rally, Andorra, three countries in one tour!

Andorra, France and Spain. 1-7 July 2019
Details have been released on the spectacular FIVA World Rally in Andorra this summer (1-7 July 2019), open to anyone with a historic car at least 30 years old, not only to members of FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles).As FIVA President Patrick Rollet explains, “While Andorra is hosting the event, the World Rally enables participants to visit three countries – Andorra, France and Spain.”The itinerary is bursting with opportunities to enjoy new experiences in company with other historic car enthusiasts, from rafting in Sort, a small Spanish village some 70 km from Andorra to riding Andorra’s Tobotronc (at 5km, it’s the longest Alpine toboggan run in the world – but very safe!). There are museum tours, shopping expeditions and a concours in a pedestrian-only avenue in the centre of the nation’s capital city, Andorra la Vella plus, for those who prefer more sedentary pursuits, there’s a concert at the Ordino Auditorium and spectating at the Cirque du Soleil. Whatever activities are on offer during the day, however, each night will see participants return for an overnight stay at the luxurious Arthotel in the centre of Andorra la Vella, capital of the Pri [...]

FIVA Culture Awards

The winners are revealed

Earlier this year, the FIVA Culture Commission (CC) invited classic vehicle enthusiasts to nominate entrants for a new series of awards to celebrate our cultural and technical mobile heritage.

FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) announced that the Culture Awards would comprise the following three categories:


At the annual FIVA General Assembly in Gibraltar, the CC had the honour of revealing the winners of the three categories. The selection proved to be difficult due to the quality of the submissions, and the CC needed to study all the applications in great detail, with consideration given to a range of factors that included media coverage, involvement of the general public and the participation of younger enthusiasts.

Nataša G. Jerina, CC President, commented, “It was very satisfying and a surprise to receive so many applications in the first year of the award presentation, and the quality of the responses made selecting a winner even more of a challenge.”

The FIVA Culture Co [...]

Glasurit and FIVA extend partnership

Glasurit to remain global partner for all paint-related matters
For the past three years, Glasurit has been the exclusive global partner of Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the international federation of historic vehicle clubs. The success achieved by the partnership has now prompted FIVA to sign a new agreement in which it extends and intensifies its collaboration with Glasurit, BASF’s traditional premium paint brand.“As FIVA’s exclusive partner for all matters related to paint and refinishing, Glasurit has taken on the role of a global technical consultant for all paint-related matters,” explained FIVA Vice President Dr. Mario Theissen. “Glasurit has made an important contribution to the work of the FIVA commissions. Especially significant is the work by Jürgen Book, Classic Cars Manager at BASF, who collaborated in writing the Charter of Turin Handbook. All topics related to paint are a real challenge when vintage vehicles are maintained and restored. Thanks to Glasurit, FIVA and its members can now tap into the know-how of an industry leader.”Glasurit also highly values the partnership with FIVA. “The cooperation has really raised our profile and has also enabled us to achieve recognition for our technical competency on the classic car scene. The wealth of q [...]

Classic Parts 4 You

Big BENEFITS for Historic Vehicle owners
At you will find vintage car experts, workshops, vehicle parts restorers as well as complete vehicle restorers. Clubs and owners will find here information, events and opportunities for exchange among like-minded people. You can establish contacts with experts and companies that, among other things, re-produce parts which are no longer offered by the industry - while adhering to high-quality guidelines. All companies represented here are audited by independent quality assurance organizations. Worldwide and according to a uniform standard.In service of your classic vehicles offers extensive concierge services, such as expert assistance in vehicle selection, connecting you with surveyor services, an extensive spare parts database and access to specialized and audited vendors of true-to-original replica parts. This way you can be sure that you will find the most competent partner for your classic - before the purchase, as well as in the restoration and in the use phase. This will benefit you and your treasured possession.Strong partnerships for a strong class [...]


Classic Vehicle Tyres
For more information on Pirelli’s Classic Vehicle Tyres: Here Pirelli Website: HerePirelli is proud to be a Global Partner of FIVA and shares completely its fundamental aim to support and encourage the preservation and responsible use of historic vehicles, developing the products contained within the “Collezione” to achieve this goal. The sizes contained within the Collezione have been introduced gradually and will continue step by step to cover not only the iconic supercars and those with which Pirelli has a rich historical working relationship, but also those sizes that permit the vast majority of enthusiasts to maintain or restore their cars and enjoy the thrills of the original driving performance.The creation of these products starts with the identification of the exact tyre size and pattern that was either fitted or available at the specific historical period for the model of car being considered. To facilit [...]


160 years of experience at the service of historic vehicles
At the cutting edge of unconventional technologies and a pioneer of 100% synthetic lubricants, Motul is a world specialist of engine lubricants involved at the highest level of all motorsports disciplines. The company’s pool of expertise and capacity to rise to challenges have earned it the confidence of the most demanding manufacturers, engine specialists, and the industrial sector.Unanimously recognised for its know-how, experience, and quality of its products, Motul has been upholding for more than 160 years six values dear to it:‘Ingenious – Passionate – Brotherly – Specialist – Authentic – Premium’.This constantly evolving French brand does not, however, forget what has built its success since 1853. Nurturing the pioneering spirit of its origins, being attached to History as much as to its own history, Motul has developed a comprehensive range meeting the specific needs of historic vehicles. Designed to comply with the technologies of past periods, the Motul range for historic vehicles provides optimal protection and solutions adapted to all kinds of uses: from infrequently driven vehicles with long storage periods to those used in racing and giving their mechanical parts a tough ride.As Glob [...]


Lackexpertise seit 1888
Die Lackexpertise und Unternehmensgeschichte von Glasurit reicht zurück bis zu den Anfängen des Automobils, als Berta Benz die weltweit erste Überlandfahrt mit einem Auto mit Verbrennungsmotor unternahm. Damit ist Glasurit der Lackhersteller mit der weltweit längsten Tradition. Gegründet 1888 in Hamburg, ist Glasurit heute weltweit erfolgreich – und seit 1965 eine Premium-Reparaturlackmarke der BASF. Glasurit – Global Partner der FIVA Unsere Lackexpertise und unser Engagement für den Werterhalt klassischer Fahrzeuge hat die FIVA überzeugt. 2016 hat sie Glasurit als offiziellen und weltweit exklusiven  Partner in allen Lackfragen ernannt.Glasurit orientiert sich als „Global Partner“ der FIVA eindeutig an den Leitlinien der Charta von Turin. Auf der Internetseite der FIVA werden wir über verschiedene Themen, historische Recherchen und Kooperationen berichten. Einen Ansprechpartner von Glasurit in Ihrem Land finden Sie unter Dort finden Sie unter dem Stichwort Classic Car Colors demnächst auch weitere Informationen rund um das Thema Lack. Glasurit Classic Car Colors – unser Service für Oldtimer-Freunde Glasurit Classic Car Colors ist ein speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Besitzern klassischer Fahrzeuge ausger [...]

Pete Gagan

A pioneer of historic motorcycles in Canada
While a keen admirer of the world pioneers in motorcycling history, Pete Gagan’s lifelong trail of accomplishments makes him a current-day pioneer himself. Pete has fostered a legacy of spreading his enthusiasm for historic machines across Canada and around the world.Starting in Ontario, where in 1968 he was the instigator of what grew to become the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, Pete’s working life took him west in steps that included Sudbury, Ont., Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta and finally Vancouver. In each locale his infectious enthusiasm helped raise awareness of the pleasures of old bikes and the camaraderie shared by their owners. Today he’s at the core of a group of vintage riders in the vicinity of the current home of himself and his wife, Mary Jane in Parksville, B.C.Growing up in Port Credit, Ont., in the mid-1950s, Pete found that information about early motorcycles was not easy to find. Knowledge could best be acquired from first-hand experience as well as seeking out old-timers willing to share what they knew. While he’s owned and ridden approximately 150 glamorous machines originating in many countries of the world, his first motorcycle was a 1950 British-ma [...]

FIVA World Motorcycle Rally, 27–30 June 2019

Discover Istria, a peninsula shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.
Open to any owner and enthusiast with a motorcycle built prior to 1984, not only FIVA members, this 3-day touring event celebrates the fun of riding classic motorcycles on the road – in this case discovering a hidden gem of the Mediterranean: Istria, a peninsula shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.It is in Istria that the world-renowned truffle can be found, where charming hilltop villages welcome visitors – and it’s easy to enjoy gourmet meals and fine Istrian wines while discovering local secrets, history and spectacular sites.Of particular interest to many will be the third day of the tour, dedicated to Trieste in Italy, where participants can preview the exhibition on Camillo Castiglioni (a huge influence on early BMW) at Palazzo Gopcevich, and ride the legendary climb of the ‘Trieste-Opicina’ race. Starting from Piazza Unità d’Italia in downtown Trieste, the tour will follow the route of the race that ran from 1911 to 1971 and became known as ‘The Uphill Monza’, arriving some 10km later on the Karst plateau, around 330m above sea-level.Participants will be staying at the four-star Hotel Sol Umag on the Croatian coast, among Mediterranean pine trees and a short walk from the many seaside pools, buffets, restauran [...]
Looking for FIVA's Charter of Turin? Documents & DownloadsThe FIVA Culture & Youth CommissionThe motor vehicle perhaps epitomizes what may be the largest amount of historical, technological, socialistic, stylistic, iconographic and aesthetic information and messages, all of which are fundamental to the understanding of the state and evolution of engineering and technology at a given moment, in time and space.The Culture Commission’s aims are to retain the messages encapsulated in the statement above, as the key to assessing the importance of preserving a vehicle and that of establishing its heritage status.The Culture Commission (CC) is constantly looking at ways of protecting mobile cultural heritage as well as ways of spreading the importance of keeping these vehicles in our everyday lives and on the roads. Which is why the CC is focused on enhancing the dialogue with other institutions, non-governmental organisations (such as the UNESCO, TICCIH, ICOM, ICOMOS, and others), as well as governmental organisations on an international and national level (through FIVA members), automobile manufacturers, designers, engineers, collectors, museums, et al.Through articles, seminars, forums, symposiums [...]

Technical Commission

Vehicle Heritage and ID-Cards
Want to apply for a FIVA ID-Card? Just click the button! FIVA e-ID-Card ApplicationThe goals of the FIVA Technical CommissionThe Technical Commission of FIVA is the body to find standardized methods and rules for the dating and classification of historic vehicles.The board consists of a secretary, two vice-presidents and is chaired by a vice-president of FIVA. In addition, there are working groups set up for special tasks. A working group of about nine persons including the members of the board meets up to four times a year to discuss various demands from the ANF’s, to decide on classifications and to develop the code and regulations. Once a year the chairman reports to the full plenary assembly with the delegates representing all members. This assembly decides on motions to be presented to the General Assembly.The Technical Commission keeps the records of all ID cards issued worldwide and issues ID cards itself for countries where is no FIVA representation.The Technical Commission also supports the ANF’s to train scrutineers and assists in all technical matters on request. Aims and tasks To support and encourage the preservation, restoration and use of historic vehicles in a historically and techni [...]

Legislation Commission

Historic Vehicles, their Laws and Regulations
Want to download the EU Updates and other documents? Legislation Documents and DownloadsThe goals of the FIVA Legislation CommissionFIVA`s Legislation Commission is tasked to ensure that the development of national and international legislation does not create an adverse impact to owners of historic vehicles to preserve their vehicles and use them on public roads without inappropriate restrictions. The Commission is chaired by Tiddo Bresters.The Commission meets three to four times a year. The members each have a particular responsibility for a specific policy sector or area of expertise. The Commission initiates and coordinates required lobbying actions, making use of a network of FIVA members’ representatives. Lobbying concentrates on EU policies, but the Commission monitors regulatory developments at the national level as well, especially for cases with possible transnational impact. The Chairman coordinates all these activities with support from Andrew Turner of the Public Affairs consultancy EPPA.The Commission fulfills its task by:building its understanding of the historic vehicle movement through knowledge sharing and by undertaking research monitoring and assessing regulatory devel [...]
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