Motorcycle Commission

Motorcycle Commission; Who are we?

The Motorcycle Commission deals with two-wheeled motor vehicles as motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, and three-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, events related to the topic with the propose to promote this segment of the history of the motor vehicle. This commission is not only a group of professionals of several nationalities, all experts in the field of the history of motorcycles, but also a group of fans who enjoy refurbishing, keeping and driving their motorbikes, devoted to the idea of improving the recognition of these motor vehicles worldwide.

Members of the commission share the same passion and a common effort to ensure that this important heritage reaches future generations. In recent years, the structure of the commission has been reinforced with the admission of new members and developing a new working plan. A constant improvement in communication, distribution of chores and professional approach, makes commission work more dynamic and active, obtaining better and fast results.

The Motorcycle Commission work hard in order to ensure the right recuperation and maintenance of the antique motorbikes, strengthening the exchange and cooperation amongst different countries and cultures within FIVA.

Aims and objectives of the Commission

  1. To develop and maintain lines of communication between the motorcycle interests in the F.I.V.A. member countries
  2. Work in close cooperation with the F.I.V.A. European Affairs Commission to safeguard the freedoms we enjoy to use our machines without restrictions
  3. To work towards the production of an annual calendar of events which is of special or exclusive interest to motorcyclists
  4. To work towards the adoption of an internationally recognized identity document for Historic Motorcycles
  5. To encourage and to promote the concept of a series of “World Rallies” for Historic Motorcycles


The commission meets every three months, one of the meetings is hold during the FIVA Motorcycle Rally and one during the FIVA General Assembly. On the meetings plans for the future are discussed. The main topics in 2014 and 2015 are: promotion of MCC events, trophies and guidelines for FIVA Motorcycle events (the commission is especially focused on the FIVA Motorcycle Rally) and FIVA Motorcycle week.  The commission is focused on gaining new countries to participate as organizers of motorcycle events as well as establish good connections with FIM and other international organizations.


One of the novelties recently developed by the commission has been the creation of the so called FIVA Motorcycle Week. It is an event which gathers during a week in June several other events connected to the classic motorcycle world, under a unique logotype and common aim: to outline the importance of classic motorbikes and increase their visibility in the world. It started in 2013 as a test and it consolidated in 2014 with the cooperation of 12 countries and over 4,000 participants, hoping to continue its growth in years to come with the admission of more countries and events.

The Commission maintains their traditional FIVA World Motorcycle Rally, which year after year increases its popularity attracting the attention of more countries which makes possible to set up a long term calendar (three years minimum) which ensures a better planning and organisation, under the quality FIVA standards.  The “Challenge cup” among with two new designed trophies by this commission keeps already a traditional rally interesting for all “old” and “new” participants!

Internationally FIVA works closely together with the FIM “Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme”

Motorcycle Commission