Events Commission

The goals of the Events Commission

Under Article 7 of the FIVA Statutes and Rule 4 of the Internal Rules the General Assembly delegates the power to oversee motoring events to its Events Commission (EC).  The EC’s remit covers all matters concerning the organisation, direction and management of such events within the FIVA specified sector of interest.  Internal Rule 4.5 authorises the FIVA Events Commission to issue codes as required to govern FIVA approved events.

Aims and tasks

The Events Commission will meet at least twice a year to progress its programme of work, exchange information and to investigate further opportunities to launch better services to members and organisers.  In the meantime the Events Commission Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will undertake the day-today tasks of the Commission.  Liaison with other FIVA Commissions and external authorities will take place to ensure a cohesive approach to motoring events within FIVA.

Structure and Procedures


  • Liaison with the FIVA General Committee
  • Liaison with International Federations and Organisers of events
  • Liaison with other FIVA Commissions
  • Strategic planning and review of EC programmes
  • Management, planning and overseeing the operation of, and division of effort for, the Events Commission programme of work
  • Liaison with ANFs and FIVA Ambassadors
  • Oversight of the FIVA Stewards activities
  • Coordination between other members of the Events Commission
  • Potentials for Sponsorship

Vice Chairman

  • Regular contact with organisers of events directly and at exhibitions e.g. Race Retro, Essen
  • Organisation and management of the FIVA International and National Calendars
  • Checking the Regulations of events regarding their conformity with the FIVA Events Code
  • Contact with FIVA Stewards regarding their availability and timely completion of their Event reports
  • Contact with ANFs and member clubs regarding their events


  • General contact with FIVA Stewards
  • Administration of the Events Commission’s activities
  • Organisation of meetings and training seminars etc.
  • Resolution of sponsorship issues
  • Liaison with the FIVA Web-master to ensure the presence of up-to-date EC information and activities
  • Contact with ANFs and their member clubs


  • Manage the Events Commission budget in conjunction with the Chairman
  • Ensure EC members are aware of the EC’s financial constraints
  • Ensuring the invoicing of FIVA Calendar licence fees via the FIVA Office
  • Maintain a running spreadsheet of expenditure against EC cost centres
  • Advise the EC when cost centre financial provision is approaching limits
  • Liaise with the FIVA Treasurer as required

Events Commission Members

  • Ensure their familiarity with FIVA Events taking place within their domicile
  • Ensure their familiarity with events organised by Clubs within their domicile but taking place within other nations.
  • Ensure they are familiar with the Events Commission programme of work
  • Undertake specific projects as agreed by the Events Commission
  • Make regular progress reports of their projects to the Events Commission.
  • Keep the EC Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer up-to-speed with their projects’ progress and problems

What good is a classic vehicle without the opportunity to use it?

Therefore the FIVA, its’ ANFs and their Clubs organise a number of events divided into different categories so that virtually all owners of all types of classic vehicles can participate in one or more of these events.

Events Commission