Technical Commission

The Technical Commission of FIVA is the body to find standardized methods and rules for the dating and classification of historic vehicles.

The board consists of a secretary, two vice-presidents and is chaired by a vice-president of FIVA. In addition there are working groups set up for special tasks. A working group of about nine persons including the members of the board meets up to four times a year to discuss various demands from the ANF’s, to decide on classifications and to develop the code and regulations. Once a year the chairman reports to the full plenary assembly with the delegates representing all members. This assembly decides on motions to be presented to the General Assembly.

The Technical Commission keeps the records of all ID cards issued worldwide and issues ID cards itself for countries where is no FIVA representation.

The Technical Commission also supports the ANF’s to train scrutineers and assists in all technical matters on request.

Aims and tasks

To support and encourage the preservation, restoration and use of historic vehicles in a historically and technically correct manner.

Historic Vehicle

FIVA defines a historic vehicle as a: … Mechanically propelled road vehicle, which is at least 30 years old, which is preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, which is not used as means of daily transport and which is therefore a part of our technical and cultural heritage…

Different vehicles

The term historic vehicle encompasses all vehicles propelled by an engine, intended for transportation of persons or goods: cars, motorcycles, lorries (or trucks), buses, military and agricultural vehicles. Likewise the source of energy can call as well for petrol (gas) or diesel, and as well for steam or electricity. And in future…


To edit a FIVA TECHNICAL CODE setting standard rules and procedure, and manage their implementation, throughout FIVA member countries for dating, classifying the vehicles and evaluating their level of preservation.

  • To sanction the concerned vehicles by issuing the FIVA IDENTITY CARD, at national level, necessary for FIVA governed events.
  • To maintain and encourage a high degree of technical and historic accuracy in subject vehicles and events in which they are used.


In each member country (ANF**), the appropriate specialists deal with their national collectors/enthusiasts and provide them with the required expertise and documents.

  • FIVA calls once yearly minimum a plenary Technical Commission including specialists of all ANFs**.
  • A board and working groups called as required ensure overall management and co-ordination and edit the FIVA TECHNICAL CODE and associated documents.** ANF: Autorité National FIVA/National FIVA Authority

For a FIVA ID-Card in a country where we have no ANF, please contact:

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Technical Commission