• Historic vehicle culture through communication, development of international events, forums, and seminars.
  • We provide formal recognition and support for activities that are consistent with our ideals.

The following commissions are (mainly) involved in the promotion within FIVA:

The Events Commission:

Under article 18 of the FIVA statutes the General Assembly delegates the power to control events to its Events Commission (EC), The EC’s remit covers all matters concerning the organisation, direction and management of such events within the FIVA specified sector of interest.

The Motorcycle Commission:

The Motorcycle Commission deals with two-wheeled motor vehicles as motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, and three-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, events related to the topic with the propose to promote this segment of the history of the motor vehicle.

The Utilitarian Commission:

The FIVA Utilitarian and Commercial Vehicle Commission (U.C.V.C.) is an internal working group of FIVA handling all matters concerning this specific category of vehicles.