How to join FIVA?

Please send a complete dossier containing 3 copies of each document to the FIVA OFFICE, addressed to the Director for Membership following this checklist.
If possible a copy should also be sent directly to The Director for Membership.

FIVA Office:
Rue de la Loi 44
B – 1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 280 01 44
Fax: +32 2 280 04 46


  1. An independent national club, national federation of clubs or national association of other nature,
  2. Predominantly catering for the restoration, preservation and use of, and documentation of historic Vehicles.
  3. Covering with your activities the whole of the national territory.
  4. Open in practice to accept any bona fide person/s as members with a genuine interest in some kind of historic vehicles.


  1. To abide without reservation by the Statutes and other Regulations of FIVA.
  2. To accept and observe all decisions taken by the General Committee and the General Assembly.
  3. To respect the unwritten standard of conduct which covers communication between Members and individuals in the historic vehicle movement and promise at no time to undertake anything which might prejudice the honour, dignity or interests of FIVA.
  4. To join or co-operate with the appointed ANF of your country as the exclusive national representative of FIVA.

3- YOU NEED TO SEND (with a translation into English or French)

  1. An application, addressed to the FIVA President, sent to the FIVA OFFICE, signed by the Applicant by its Chairman and by at least one other member of the Committee or the Board of Directors.
  2. A copy of your Statutes.
  3. Documents showing the structure, organisation and activities of the Applicant.
  4. A list of the members which must total at least 100 members and 25 eligible vehicles of 30 years or more.
  5. A list of the members of the Committee or Board of Directors of Applicant.
  6. A list of national and international events which have been organised by the Applicant or its members during the last three years.
  7. Copies of membership leaflets or other publications of the Applicant for the last two years.
  8. Copies of the minutes, including financial reports, of the last two of its Annual General Meetings.
  9. Any other information which might be useful to get a complete picture about the Applicant and its activities.
  10. A description of the character of your organisation to satisfy the criteria listed under clause I above (“If your organisation is…”)
  11. A statement to undertake the requirements listed under clause II above (“If you undertake to…”)


Will be examined by the Director for Membership and Internal Affairs who may ask for further information to receive a complete picture in accordance with the application criteria, and if the application is complete:

  1. Will be notified and on request made available for inspection to the Member of FIVA (ANF or National representative) of the applicant’s country for comments, then:
  2. Will be presented to the General Committee of FIVA for provisional admission if the application is supported by the ANF or if there is no ANF in the country of the applicant, or if the application is opposed by the ANF.
  3. Will be put on the agenda of the next General Assembly of FIVA with the recommendation of the General Committee to ratify the provisional admission or to make a final decision on the contested admission of your organisation.
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FIVA Membership Application