FIVA Events Application Form

Dear Event Organiser, the principal benefits of placing your event onto the FIVA events calendar are:

  1. Raising the profile of your event within the worldwide FIVA historic vehicle community via FIVA web-site content.  
  2. Bringing your event to the attention of worldwide media via the same medium plus headlining on our home page, News columns, and Facebook and event pictures and video’s will be displayed at the FIVA Flickr- and YouTube pages.
  3. Becoming an active, and therefore a recognised and acknowledged, member of the “family” of historic vehicle enthusiasts and event organisers that participate in, spectate at and support FIVA events.
  4. Providing you with the ability update and amend your FIVA events calendar entry as you wish thereby increasing the historic vehicle community’s awareness of the finer details of your event.  This is done via a link that you will receive once you enter your event details for the FIVA Events Calendar.

Please note that your event will only be displayed on the FIVA Calender once your fees have been received!

  • The organiser must seek approval from the applicable ANF. Usually this is the country where the event starts or the organiser is located. A copy of this application will be mailed to the ANF of the selected country for verification, using this field.
  • The organiser must seek approval from the applicable ANF and a copy of this application will be mailed to this ANF for verification, using this email address. The email address can be found here
  • For events in multiple countries only. Please look at the country pages here.
    Multiple addresses should be separated by a comma.
  • Please list all countries to be visited.
  • See FIVA Events Code Art. 1.6 here
  • See FIVA Events Code Art. 3 here
  • Enter approx. m2 for Static Show or Exhibitions.
  • See Art. 5 of the 2010 FIVA Technical Code here
  • Use full name, please.
  • Include Telephone, Fax and email address, please.
  • For commercial companies and organizations that pay/claim VAT only.

  • With the following information a map on the FIVA Events Calendar will be generated.
  • Examples: Oxford street 23, London, UK - NEC Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK - MEC Exhibition Center, Maastricht, Netherlands, etc.
  • If no exact address is available, you can find your location here. Please enter the resulting data below.

  • Your completed form will be forwarded to the FIVA Events Commission and once approved by the Events Commission and ANFs of visited countries, you will receive a link to provide pictures, participants’ inscription forms and other data to complete the information published on the FIVA Events Calendar.