Iran is home to more than 15 percent of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, amongst them being Naghsh-e-Jihan Square (the “Image of the World Square”), also known as Meidan Imam located in the former capital of Isfahan. Constructed between 1598 and 1629, the square represented the attempts of the rulers of the period to recreate Isfahan as a grand capital of what was then known as Persia.

When constructed, the square represented one of the pinnacles of Iranian architecture, and today tourists come from around the world to revel in its beauty. On the 6th of September, residents and tourists alike had the opportunity to enjoy another form of beauty, namely 45 historic vehicles, which were put on display by the Isfahan Chapter of the Classic Vehicle Committee of Iran. The cars, comprised a gamut of vehicles, ranged from 1952 to 1979 model vehicles.

This event was all the more unique in light of the fact that the square has been closed to motor vehicles for several years, and the fact that this event took place, and the cars were allowed to enter the square, represents the confidence placed by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran in the activities of the Committee.

The Isfahan Chapter of the Committee, which is part of the FIVA AFN, is one of the most active members in Iran, routinely holding rallies, shows and other events, many of which has received coverage in international media such as the New York Times. The chapter president, Ali Samandarian, is no stranger to FIVA members visiting Iran, including a veteran who is reported to have had an evening drive in a 1950s Chevy, one of 24 such vehicles in Ali’s collection of historic American cars.