ASI and the future of historic motoring: a forum in Rome

On Thursday 20th September, ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) organized a conference at the Senate of the Republic, at Palazzo Madama in Rome, titled: “The future of Historic Motoring, a cultural, touristic and economic heritage to be safeguarded and developed”.

With this conference, ASI focused on what historic vehicles represent in terms of economic growth in Italy through the different sectors, from the technical one related to the restoration and maintenance, to that of the tourism sector with thousands of events involving hotels and catering services.

To explain this better, the results of a long and in-depth survey carried out by the Istituto Piepoli was elaborated. The conference was inaugurated by the President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and the Presidents of ASI, Maurizio Speziali, FIVA’s Patrick Rollet and ACI’s Angelo Sticchi Damiani.

The program included the presentation by Natasa Jerina Grom, Vice President of FIVA’s Culture Commission, displaying the panorama of historic motoring at a global level, Nicola Piepoli, President of the Piepoli Institute, presenting the survey on the social and economic value of historic motoring in Italy, Roberto Giolito, the Head of FCA Heritage, reporting on the cultural value of historical motoring, Paolo Pininfarina, the President of the Pininfarina Group, focusing on the historic vehicle as a work of art, Emanuele Pirro, Vice President of the International F1 Pilots Association, speaking on the theme of racing as a timeless heritage of passion; Antonio Ghini, the Head of the Key, illustrated the international manifesto for the sensitization to the values of the heritage that constitutes collecting and the serious risks that could be involved in that, and Roberto Sarzani, the President of the ASI, and Vice President of FIVA’s Commission for Utilitarian Vehicles, spoke about the protection of vehicles of historical and collectible interest in Italy. The conclusions to the conference was the responsibility of the President of ASI, Maurizio Speziali.

ASI and the future of historic motoring: a forum in Rome