Top City Classic Rally China 2018

On the 9th of September the “Top City Classic Rally China 2018” came to a finish successfully at Zhangjiakou of Hebei province, the drivers and participants having experienced the beautiful scenery of North China, and staged a dialogue between classics and the future. This year is the fifth anniversary of the “Top City Classic Rally China”, and it has become well known amongst international and domestic classic car drivers and collectors. 40 historic vehicles participated in the Beijing Leg. It was organized by the Federation of Classic Car China and was run by the Beijing MediaStar Advertisement Co Ltd together with Xi’an Qujiang Yudong Media GmbH, which received considerable support from the local government and has already become a calling card for the host city.

The Beijing rally began from Holiday Inn Resort in Beijing Yanqing, through Yudu Mountain Scenic Area, Silicified Wood Geological Park and China Route 66 and other famous scenic spots, and ended in Holiday Inn Resort Zhangjiakou Chongli. Dozens of classic cars provided a beautiful picture with the fantastic scenery.

In this rally, there are many wonderful and memorable moments. Such as the most focused car, a Toyota AE86, because it is the same type as in a famous Chinese film with name “Initial D”. Together with another GT-R in this rally, which also played a role in the film, the two cars have been crazily pursued by the visitors during the parade in the Chinese Route 66. Also celebrating was the 70th Anniversary for Porsche, who brought some brilliant Porsche models to join the rally, which included a Porsche 356 Speedster, with the car receiving the “The Classic Heritage Award” by the rally organizers. The other important car in the rally was the Jaguar XK150S from 1960, which had come all the way from the UK.

More than 50 classic cars were assembled at the Xiushui Square of Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, for the Shanghai Leg of the “Top City Classic Rally China 2018.” During the three-day competition, from the magic of Shanghai city to the fascinating old town of Wuzhen, the cars finally arrived at the beautiful Qiandao Lake, with the drivers fully appreciating the diverse human cultures of the Yangtze River Delta, with the historic cars that participated in the rally adding a touch of bright color to the beautiful scenery along the way. The “Top City Classic Rally China 2018” Shanghai Leg was also strongly supported by the local government, with the last five years the rally route has become a fix tourist route and been highly recommended by the local government tourism department.

“Top City Classic Rally China 2018″ Shanghai Leg started from Wuzhen, passing through Anji, Lin’an Qingshan Lake, Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area and several other scenic spots, before finally arriving at the Xiushui Square of Qiandao Lake, with a total distance covered of 335kms. Although the section distances were not short, the stunningly beautiful scenery made the drivers forget the fatigue.

The rally’s premier strategic partner was Jaguar Land Rover, and their cars  stood out in the Shanghai Leg: a Jaguar XK 150S, a Jaguar XJ40, the first generation Range Rover as well as a Land Rover Series I, all making this a unique and beautiful “mobile exhibition hall”.

In the Shanghai Leg, the Land Rover Series I (from 1970) won the RT1 and RT3, and was thus awarded the “The Legend Award” by the rally organizers. The XK 150S won the “The Elegant car” award.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche, the Porsches lined up included a Porsche 911 CS (964), a 911 Targa (993), a 944 and others. The silver 911 Targa (993) was awarded the “The Classic Sports Car” award. Several of the more famous Chinese classic car organizations and clubs also participated in the rally.

Top City Classic Rally China 2018