Une histoire d’amour sur roues made in Pays de Galles

« What a pleasure to ride one thesis roads! This is what a German participant Responds to Instantly When Asked For His opinion on the FIVA 2018 World Rally, a four-day, 724 km non-competitive race Held this year in the beautiful countryside of central Wales.

This annual event is open to anyone of the FIVA ( International Federation of Vintage Vehicles ).

If of the coming year, the center of Wales is a success with the participating teams, among two from Japan, four from Argentina, two from Slovakia, one from the Czech Republic and six from Germany, most of whom did not know this country but promised to return as soon as possible arose.

« Driving, » says German Carl-Michael Emer, « we immediately understand the fascination of the Welsh for the rally, because their lands offer so many possibilities. « 

« Most of the FIVA World Rally races follow small roads That are Sometimes so narrow That only one car can pass. ALTHOUGH It was a ‘tourist event’, driving Was tiring with pins, blind corners, steep slopes up to 25%. Purpose we Were always Rewarded by the breathtaking views of this Constantly changing landscape. I Can Easily Understand why the organizers of this event are PARTICULARLY background of this area and I think the participants will aussi appreciate it now. « 

Held from 28 August to 1 st  September 2018, the rally included in the city at a beautiful Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells, often considered the spiritual home of the Welsh rally. A detailed roadbook guided participants through the winding roads to the Devil’s Bridge steam train to Aberystwyth.

Event organizer Paul Loveridge added, « Many participants Were surprised to discover the lands and landscapes of central Wales, Compared To the Alpine regions of Europe. What struck em MOST Was the dramatic change of view in less than two miles, from mountain passes to lush green valleys to eight-to-ten-mile views. « 

Next year’s rallies (you are happy, it will be possible to choose between two, or maybe both) should be at the top of it. But since the Austrian Classic of FIVA, organized from 22 to 26 May 2019, will take place in Austria, and that the FIVA World Rally of Andorra, from 1 to 7 July 2019, will take place in Andorra, they will certainly be a another success. These events will still be open to everyone and not only to FIVA members.

Credit photo: Kevin Baldwin and Detlef Krukenkamp

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Une histoire d’amour sur roues made in Pays de Galles