Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design, Book by Gautam Sen wins Grand Prix for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our recently-published book “Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design” authored by Gautam Sen, was awarded the Grand Prix for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year, at the 32nd Festival Automobile International, in Paris, on January 31, 2017. “Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design” is a critically acclaimed book on over 100 automotive masterpieces by ace Italian designer, Marcello Gandini. The architect of a multitude of Lamborghinis and Maseratis, as well as Alfa Romeos, BMWs, Citroëns, Fiats, Lancias and several other iconic automobiles from the 1960s to the 1990s, Gandini is regarded as one of the most influential designers of all time. Sen’s 800-page, two-volume tome, with over 900 images, illustrates the main body of work of the famed designer.

Founded by Rémi Depoix and Franz Hummel in 1986 as part of the 24 Hour Ice Trials in Chamonix, and later moving to Paris, the Festival Automobile International has become the preeminent event in Europe celebrating the automobile, design and culture. With the Jury picking the winners in every category initially, the selection process now includes the opinion and feedback of the public as well. With hundreds of books published every year on the automobile, the selection process is rather complicated, but the eminent Jury, after much deliberation, narrowed the final list down to four very exciting titles. At the end, it was another Dalton Watson Fine Books’ title that won the award. “Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design” follows the success of another Dalton Watson title, “Jacques Saoutchik Maître Carrossier”, by Pater Larsen and Ben Erickson, which won the same award in 2014.