Dear fellow enthusiasts,

Welcome to our new FIVA web presence, which, with your support, we hope will one day be a true window on the global historic motoring scene. 2016 is an important year for us all. At a time when new technologies and autonomous cars are poised to change the face of motoring forever, we can safely say that our hobby and passion has grown into a true global movement. The globalisation of the historic vehicle scene has lead us to to refocus FIVA’s scope and mission in order to successfully face the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. So, far from forgetting our core ‘ Keeping yesterday’s vehicles on tomorrow’s roads’ we have broadened our stance to ‘Protecting, Preserving and Promoting World Motoring Heritage’.

And what better way to launch our new programme than FIVA’s 50th anniversary year, 2016, which we have decided to proudly name as “World Motoring Heritage Year’— both in recognition of our motoring history and to celebrate a new dawn for the historic vehicle movement throughout the world. World Motoring Heritage Year will see many exciting new initiatives some by FIVA and others by like minded individuals and organisations and I sincerely hope you will join us for the celebrations in Paris later in the year. It is also the first year for the recently adopted new statutes which amongst other things open FIVA membership to professionals such as car manufacturers, parts suppliers, museums, event organisers and auction houses.

We’ll see the introduction of the new FIVA technical code for vehicle authentication and a fully revised version of the increasingly sought after FIVA ID card. But, as I wrote in my very first sentence, the success of this website and indeed of FIVA as a whole depends very much on your support and enthusiasm, which is why this site features a numbers of opportunities for direct interaction.

From the popular ‘This car matters’ which we have adopted with the kind permission from Mark Gessler to ample space for featuring local or personal documentaries and stories. For any contributions contact either Gautam Sen or Jos Theuns, they’ll be happy to help.

So, all the best and enjoy this special year which celebrates the freedom, pleasure and technological advances that our motoring heritage has brought us.

Kindest regards,

Patrick Rollet