The FIVA Preservation Award

It is very rare indeed to see a historic car, or bike for that matter, in its original configuration. As it left the factory in other words. Such a find not only time warps us back to the way things really were, it is also testament to the care and respect its keepers have shown for it over the years. It is a privilege to see chrome plating of a quality we can only dream of today, to sample leather of a kind no longer available and to admire attention to detail unimaginable in the time-pressured world we now live in.

It is to honour and record these original icons our motoring past that FIVA have created the Preservation Award to be given at select events around the world. Each of the brass plaques, weighing 1.2kg, will be individually numbered and registered, inextricably linking it to the vehicle and its current keeper.

FIVA Preservation Award #1

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FIVA Preservation Award #2

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FIVA Preservation Award #3

L to R: Rony Karam – FIVA Ambassador Middle East, HE Dr. Khalil Karam  – Ambassador of UNESCO, Patrick Rollet - FIVA President
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FIVA Preservation Award #4

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FIVA Preservation Award #5

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FIVA Preservation Award #6

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FIVA Preservation Award #7

De gauche à droite: Khalil Karam, Ambassadeur du Liban à l’UNESCO, Laurent Stefanini, Ambassadeur de France à l’UNESCO, Patrick Rollet, Président de la FIVA, Uwe Schüler et son copilote,  représentant les propriétaires.
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FIVA Preservation Award #8

Pictured left to right: Jeanlou Ranwez (President of CAC), Patrick Rollet (FIVA President), Lidia Brito ( UNESCO Regional Director), Valentina and Matias Sielecki, Alec E Daly (FIVA Ambassador South America) – photograph by Miguel Tillous, free to use for editorial purposes, please credit where possible
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