FIVA has a number of Official Partners & Professional Members that support the goals of FIVA.

These partners are often working in the field of Historic Vehicle or have an interest in entering this market.

GT_fullsize_CCCGlasurit collaborates with FIVA

Classic cars reflect an attitude toward life – Glasurit makes it perfect
Classic cars are becoming more and more popular, with the number of vintage vehicle fans growing all the time. One factor in this trend may be nostalgia, since classic cars have already been around the block a few times. These cars embody the spirit of the past, which leaves traces and practically creates an automotive personality. Classic car ownership is a demanding hobby, and classic car owners are equally demanding.
As one of the leading refinish brands worldwide, Glasurit meets these demands. Glasurit, a part of BASF Coatings based in Münster, Germany, has now been named the global exclusive technical consultant of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) for all paint-related issues.
Tradition, expertise and commitment to classic cars
Founded in 1888, Glasurit has evolved into an automotive refinish specialist with a comprehensive service portfolio and the claim to respond proactively to the needs of both the market and the environment. In line with this, the company focuses for example on eco-efficient waterborne basecoats and high-solids paints. These products meet all legal solvent-reduction requirements around the world. The heavily solventborne paints used for the classic cars' paintwork back in the day have been meticulously restored and, even better, have been replaced by environmentally compatible products.
Classic car restoration calls for individual know-how
"The color and in particular, the condition of the paintwork, are like the soul of a vehicle and say a lot about a car's lifespan and history," said Jürgen Book, head of Process Management at BASF's Coatings division. Glasurit knows many of these stories. It's not unusual for 16 layers of paint to accumulate on the body of a classic car. For comparison: an average paint system on a new car is just minimally thicker than a human hair.
"In the classic car segment, specific know-how is needed about the way cars used to be repaired and how they can be restored today to preserve the most value possible," explained Book, who is a classic car fan himself. Depending on the history of the particular car, this may pose a challenge that also requires a great deal of experience and sensitivity. "That's why we created Classic Car Colors," Book explained. Glasurit consolidates all its classic car-related competencies in the tool.
Specifically for your vintage car: Color database and directory of dealers
Glasurit offers a unique service: the world's largest classic car color database ( Color Online, which contains all vintage paints and colors. Classic Car Colors also maintains an international network of bodyshops specializing in proper restoration of classic cars.
To read about how the cooperation between Glasurit and FIVA benefits the roughly 2 million classic car fans and FIVA members, click here. No matter what, one thing is certain: Glasurit is pleased to contribute its 100-year experience with historic paints to FIVA's global efforts.
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Official Partner

Motul, 160 years of experience at the service of historic vehicles

At the cutting edge of unconventional technologies and a pioneer of 100% synthetic lubricants, Motul is a world specialist of engine lubricants involved at the highest level of all motorsports disciplines. The company's pool of expertise and capacity to rise to challenges have earned it the confidence of the most demanding manufacturers, engine specialists and the industrial sector.
Unanimously recognised for its know-how, experience and quality of its products, Motul has been upholding for more than 160 years six values dear to it:
'Ingenious - Passionate - Brotherly – Specialist - Authentic - Premium'.
This constantly evolving French brand does not however forget what has built its success since 1853. Nurturing the pioneering spirit of its origins, being attached to History as much as to its own history, Motul has developed a comprehensive range meeting the specific needs of historic vehicles. Designed to comply with the technologies of past periods, the Motul range for historic vehicles provides optimal protection and solutions adapted to all kinds of uses: from infrequently driven vehicles with long storage periods to those used in racing and giving their mechanical parts a tough ride.
As official FIVA lubricant partner since 2010, Motul intends to market these products to the greatest number of historic vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.
Wondering which lubricant is adapted to your historic vehicle? The on-line Motul recommendation tool is just a click away.
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MOTUL S.A. 119 Boulevard Félix Faure 93300 Aubervilliers France.