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2016 is THE year for FIVA. Being active in protecting, preserving  and promoting Historic Vehicles for half a century means that vehicles not even created at the time of the foundation of FIVA, now have Historic Vehicle status.

In order to celebrate 50 year of FIVA, the UNESCO gives patronage to a large number of Historic Vehicle events around the world. This recognition strongly underlines the values of FIVA and the importance of keeping our mobile history alive and available to see and experience by a large public.

A historic vehicle owner or enthusiast?
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Dear fellow enthusiasts, Welcome to our new FIVA web presence, which, with your support, we hope will one day be a true window on the global historic motoring scene. 2016 is an important year for us all. At a time when new technologies and autonomous cars are poised to change the face of motoring forever, we can safely say that our hobby and passion has grown into a true global movement. The globalisation of the historic vehicle scene has lead...

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