FIVA president Patrick Rollet has denied that the organisation representing the interests of historic vehicle users worldwide is trying to create a restrictive and purist definition of what constitutes ‘historic’. He said, ‘The reaction in Britain to our press release about historic vehicle exemption in low-emission zones came as a bit of a surprise. FIVA is always lobbying for exemptions from rules that would restrict the use of historic vehicles. But, in general, politicians don’t know much about them. So we had to come up with definitions to the best of our honesty, finding a balance between the liberal people who accept anything and those who reject anything that is not authentic.

‘The definitions [mentioned in the LEZ press release] can look shocking if taken literally, but they are concepts and the more general you stay, the better it is. FIVA considers that the people are more important, that passionate people will take more care of their vehicles. They might use their cars every day and they might modify them to make them easier to use, but the vehicles are still historic.’ ‘I myself have an MGB with an oil cooler fitted – it’s still historic.’

From Classic Cars – June 2016