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Classic Parts 4 You

A great offer for owners of Historic Vehicles!

Classic Parts 4 you, a FIVA Global Partner, opened their website services for FIVA Members.


If you are:

  • – Looking for original spare parts
  • – Not able to locate the correct material
  • – Searching for a professional appraisal of your vehicle


Subscribe to the CP4Y services and search spare parts, find the nearest or most economical supplier, check stock and find alternatives.

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FIVA's Goals and Objectives:


FIVA protects the responsible use of historic vehicles through legislative monitoring, the development of recommended policies, specific supportive action and effective relations with national and international authorities.

Historical Vehicle Status, EU-Legislation, Bio-fuels, Environmental regulations


FIVA preserves historic vehicles, related artifacts and records through research and cataloguing as well as the development of guidelines, standards, and education which ensure that authentic examples of our automotive past are available for future generations.

Motoring culture, Turin Charter, Documentation, Technical code, FIVA ID-Card, Trade & Skills, Youth – Involvement, European Survey


FIVA promotes historic vehicle culture through communication, development of international events, forums, and seminars. We therefore provide formal recognition and support for activities that are consistent with our ideals.

Events and Event Codes, Event application form, Motorcycle– and Utilitarian commissions.

…World Motoring Heritage

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