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Town-award for event organizing family

Same family organises event for 35 years!
What started in 1984 with 24 cars has now become the most popular historic vehicle event of The Netherlands, with nearly 500 classic cars, trucks and buses: the National Oldtimer Day in the town of Lelystad. It is always held on the third Sunday of June. And very remarkable, the organization is in hands of one and the same family since the very beginning: Mr. William van der Meulen, his wife Tineke and their son Mike. This made the town government decide to award, at the occasion of the opening of the 35th. edition of the event, a <Town Compliment> to this family. The corresponding certificate was handed over by the town mayor Ms. Ida Anema.The event always has a big share of vintage and other pre-war cars and attracts also lots of exclusive post-war vehicles. Mr van der Meulen senior presents every single car to the public himself. Another interesting aspect of the event is that most participating cars are older than the town of Lelystad itself, which received city rights only in 1980. The town is the capital of the Province of Flevoland, that completely is situated on land that was reclaimed from the sea, the former Zuiderzee, and still constitutes the biggest man-made <new land> of the world.The event is com [...]

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The prestigious Spirit of FIVA Award was assigned to the organisers of the Shamrock Vintage Challenge, as the whole event was just what FIVA is all about. A thoroughly enjoyable event throughout with friendship, camaraderie and enjoyment by the bucketful! #fivaclassics #historicvehicles#classiceventsNote to EditorsFIVA Logo: 


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Awards provide recognition and guidelinesHow often do we find ourselves looking for third-party endorsements before we start a new task? An award from FIVA, for example, can have a positive impact on the way Historic Vehicles are being restored or how part manufacturers finish their products. It is crucial for any organisation, in Business or the Arts to gain recognition for its products and services. Winning an award allows you to distinguish your efforts from competitors and ensure that as many potential readers as possible are aware of your accomplishments.High-quality preservation and maintenance in line with the original specifications are part of the FIVA standard. Therefore, the FIVA Preservation Award is a sought after form of recognition. The award is given to all kind of vehicles, ranging from exclusive brands and types to more common types although, due to their higher price, the more exclusive vehicles are often better kept over longer periods of time, sometimes within the same family.Awards received by FIVA17 june 2017, Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg The RetroClassicCultur e.v. is honored to give [...]
FIVA World RallysWant to register an event? FIVA Event Application formFor many years FIVA has encouraged our Members and other historic vehicle owners to participate in what are called FIVA World Rallies.  These events are held annually, one for cars (and utilitarian vehicles) and one for motorcycles, and are usually organised by an ANF or a prominent Club member within a national ANF.  Although they are called “Rallies” they are generally 4-7 day non-competitive tours of countries visiting interesting and scenic locations during the days’ motoring.  Overnight Hotels and daily meals are organised for you as part of the package and various attractions and entertainment are included where available and appropriate.To help organisers of these events we provide, as an annnex to the FIVA Events Code, a guide to help them along the way.  The FIVA Events Code Annex 6 is the specific guide related to the organisation of FIVA World Rallies.During the past few years FIVA World Rallies have been held in Switzerland, Wales and Hungary.  During 2019 we will visit Austria, Andorra and Croatia and plans for 2020 to Portugal and Greece are already underway. Hopefully we can spread our wings beyond Europe during the 2020s [...]

The big question:

Will we still be able to drive in 20, 30, 50 years?
FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) poses the biggest question facing the historic vehicle community today:In 20, 30, 50 years’ time, will we be allowed to drive historic vehicles at all?“We can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to our future motoring freedom,” says FIVA President Patrick Rollet. “Congestion, pollution and road safety issues – all legitimate concerns – are contributing to the potential demise of motorists at the wheel of their own vehicles. Yet it’s the historic vehicle that is most at risk, despite their almost negligible effect on pollution and congestion, and our excellent safety statistics – while generating significant economic, social and tourist benefits.”…and will there be people to drive them?“But it’s not just a question of whether we’ll be allowed to drive. Perhaps the even bigger question is whether there will be drivers to use them; or, with the advent of autonomous vehicles, are drivers becoming ever more ‘historic’ themselves?”Why does it matter?“For the enthusiast, the answer is obvious,” continues Rollet. “The pleasure we get from owning, maintaining and using our classics is beyond description, b [...]
FIVA's Culture AwardsIn early 2018  the FIVA Culture Commission (CC) invited classic vehicle enthusiasts to nominate entrants for a new series of awards to celebrate our cultural and technical mobile heritage.FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) announced that the Culture Awards would comprise the following three categories:RESEARCH DEDICATED SERVICE by INDIVIDUALS or ORGANISATIONS (CLUBS, FEDERATIONS, MUSEUMS), ETC. EDUCATION, TRAINING and the raising of AWARENESSAt the 2018 annual FIVA General Assembly in Gibraltar, the CC had the honour of revealing the winners of the three categories. The selection proved to be difficult due to the quality of the submissions, and the CC needed to study all the applications in great detail, with consideration given to a range of factors that included media coverage, involvement of the general public and the participation of younger enthusiasts.Nataša G. Jerina, CC President, commented, “It was very satisfying and a surprise to receive so many applications in the first year of the award presentation, and the quality of the responses made selecting a winner even more of a challenge.”[...] offer!

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The FIVA classic car world federation with its 86 affiliated national federations in 66 countries worldwide, in collaboration with, provides the   

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in standardised form all over the world. FIVA actively supports the worldwide availability of reliable data and the use of high-quality original spare parts for historic vehicles. 1.5 million vehicle owners organised within FIVA, but also all other owners, have direct access to the current Original Equipment Parts (OE), spare and specific used parts markets, as well as the registered reviewers and workshops.Problem: parts availabilityAs the number of classic and modern classic cars rises, the search for parts becomes increasingly problematic. Demand exceeds supply, prices rise, supply sources dry up. It is often unclear which parts are still available, where an [...]
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