Dear fellow enthusiasts,

Welcome to our improved FIVA web site. With your support, this unique window on the global historic motoring scene is aiming to become the most comprehensive and useful reference information tool for all historic vehicles matters. These days are important for all enthusiasts around the world. At a time when new technologies and autonomous cars are poised to change the face of motoring forever, we can safely say that our hobby and passion has grown into a true global movement. The globalisation of the historic vehicle scene has lead us to refocus FIVA’s scope and mission to successfully face the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. So, far from forgetting our core “keeping yesterday’s vehicles on tomorrow’s roads”, we have broadened our stance to ‘Protecting, Preserving and Promoting World Motoring Heritage’.

We were strongly encouraged in that direction when, in 2016, UNESCO granted its Patronage to our World Motoring Heritage Year programme that was designed to celebrate FIVA’s 50th anniversary.  We were further encouraged when, very recently, FIVA was declared winner of the 2017 International Retro Classics Cultur Award in recognition for our “outstanding effort for the preservation and the historic reprocessing for the worldwide usage of automobile mobility”.

FIVA’s World Motoring Heritage programme is the best possible way to demonstrate our dedication to our mission and it will be implemented again in 2017 and every subsequent year.

FIVA will also reinforce its successful development programme aimed at welcoming professional members, to become even more representative of the global historic vehicle community. Many constructors, event organisers, restorers, museums, parts suppliers and international organisations devoted to historic vehicles have become members of FIVA. Along with its strong and historic network of national members, whether clubs or federations (85 members from 65 countries), FIVA is becoming increasingly visible, aware and relevant. We will also reinforce our network of official partners to offer free world class expertise to all individual enthusiasts. Glasurit-BASF and Motul have already joined us as partners, providing invaluable knowledge and assistance in key areas such as paints and oils.

2017 will be an important year for FIVA, with special efforts dedicated to the development of a long term relationship with UNESCO, stressing our contributions in the areas of education, science and culture applied to mobility. In the coming months, FIVA will introduce a new FIVA Technical Code for vehicle authentication and a fully revised version of the increasingly sought after FIVA ID card. FIVA will also publish the long awaited Charter of Turin Handbook and a revised FIVA Events Code. The permanent watch on legislative issues worldwide will be reinforced, thanks to a more “global” Legislation Commission, which will keep publishing its popular EU Updates (available on this website).

It would be fastidious to list each of FIVA’s on-going projects, carried out by a determined and competent corps of expert volunteers. Mention must be made, though, of FIVA’s concerns about the safeguard of technologies which are necessary to keep our vehicles on the road or about the arrival of younger generations to our movement. Both issues bear equal priority for the long lasting development of our movement.

Enjoy this website which celebrates the freedom, the pleasure and the technological and aesthetical advances that our motoring heritage has brought us.

Patrick Roller,