Technical Code & Scrutineers handbook

Technical Code

The Technical Code defines a HISTORIC VEHICLE in the spirit of FIVA, sets rules to classify the HISTORIC VEHICLES in various groups and describes the requirements under which FIVA can issue a FIVA ID CARD.


  • reflects all information about the vehicle given by the owner and checked by FIVA as an independent body – therefore identifies the vehicle and its status of preservation at the time of inspection and reports about the vehicle’s known history and possible modifications;
  • registers the information in a database – therefore records and safeguards the technical and known history of surviving vehicles to benefit the worlds motoring heritage;
  • is to be used in FIVA EVENTS and may be used by owners for their own purposes.

New Technical code: The new Technical code will not be in effect until further notice along with a new application form and ID Cards.

Scrutineers Handbook

FIVA may, upon application, issue an Identity Card to vehicles which comply with the requirements of the Technical Code.

These guidelines are intended to provide information on documents and proceedings to assist ANF (National Governing Body), officials and experts, concerned with handling the issue of FIVA Identity Cards.

Technical Code & Scrutineers handbook