FIVA Membership

Directorate Membership

The Director Membership and Internal Affairs has one main task:

The admission of new FIVA members:

It is the task of the Director to scrutineer the applications of potential new members and give and advise regarding the admittance.

Any Club, Federation or Association wishing to join FIVA must send an application to the FIVA Secretariat, with copy to Director for Membership if possible. Then the application is send on to the Director to see if the applicant meets all requirements for FIVA membership as listed in the FIVA Statutes.

The Director reports to the General Committee, which gives a recommendation to the General Assembly regarding the application for membership. The General Assembly decides on the admission or rejection of the applicant.

If the application is incomplete or incorrect the applicant is asked to provide the correct information or the needed information. In case of doubt the Director can propose to accept a new member under certain conditions. Such a proposal is also decided upon by the General Assembly.

If an applicant is accepted under certain conditions, its the task of the Director to see that the conditions are met within the time set for such an applicant.

The FIVA statutes give a list of the information FIVA needs for a correct application for FIVA membership. To make this more easy accessible, a check list of the information needed has been made. This check list can be downloaded from this website.


The Directorate Membership & Internal Affairs is equipped to answer questions regarding membership and applications. It is however not equipped to answer all kind of legal questions from outside FIVA. Problems regarding the FIVA Statutes, Bylaws or Codes can only be addressed via the FIVA General Secretary.

How to join FIVA?

Please send us a complete dossier containing 3 copies of each document to the FIVA OFFICE, addressed to the Director for Membership following this checklist.