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Motorradfahren in der Schweiz 1930 – 1959

It’s the second volume of the history of motorcycling in Switzerland. Stories about every aspect of motorcycling, clubs, individual riders, laws, living and riding conditions of motorcyclists, roadbuilding and racing and the Swiss army motorcycles. It contains around 240 pages and 220 historical and first time published photographs as well as the complet data of the factory production of Motosacoche and Condor.

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Motorradfahren in der Schweiz, 1895–1930

Das Buch beschreibt die damaligen Fahrer und ihr Umfeld. Neue Erkenntnisse über die ersten Schweizer Motorräder, Berichte über Strassenbau, Motorradclubs, Fernreisen, Polizeifallen, die Produktion in den Motorradwerken und vieles mehr werden durch Texte aus Tagebüchern und aus der damaligen Motorpresse ergänzt. Eine Fülle von Informationen zu jenen «goldenen Jahren» des Motorrades, illustriert mit vielen hervorragenden Bildern aus dem Archiv des FAM. Erstmals werden genaue, alle Modelle umfassende Daten zur Produktion bei Condor und Motosacoche publiziert.

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Automobiles & Patrimoine

“Cars and Tradition, report of ten years of the Rallye International du Pays de Fougères”, foreword by Michel de Thomasson, 2004. 279 pages of texts plus annexes and eight pages of pictures. This book explains the history of this rally well known in Europe and will be of interest for both the “old car nuts” and organisers of tourist tours of any size. It describes our concepts and ideas on this subject as well as the patient development of this event, thanks to our small team of enthusiasts.

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En Route… Regards sur la Haute-Bretagne

“En Route, Illustrations on North Brittany”, selection of the best pictures taken during these ten years of the rallye de Fougères, by Patrick Brunet (car illustrator), Thierry Pilorge (photographs) and Patrick Rollet (texts). Forewords by Jean Malapert and Claude Delagneau. Published in 2005. 100 pages. Text French/English. It contains reproductions, never published before, by Patrick Brunet (who had a stand at the Brussels Retro Festival last month). The book explains by pictures the spirit of this rally, where you can find “old valves and handsome home roofs” together.

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1895 Paris-Bordeaux-Paris

Discover the adventure of the first ever major automobile race in History! From June 11 – 13, 1895, the pioneers of the nascent automobile industry – de Dion, Panhard, Levassor, Benz, Peugeot, Bollée, Michelin – came head-to-head over a distance of more than 1200 kilometres. The event marked the triumph of petrol driven engines over steam and the appearance of the pneumatic tyre. The modern automobile was born.

Relive the epic adventure in 1895, Paris-Bordeaux-Paris, a prestige edition featuring unpublished photographs, official documents and driver portraits telling the tale of Émile Levassor and his two days of madness on French Roads.

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