Historic Vehicle Status

Historic Vehicle Status

This Guide is produced by the FIVA Legislation Commission to assist ANFs of European Union Member States in responding to issues created in their member State in complying with  Directive 2014/45/EU on periodic road-worthiness tests for motor vehicles and their trailers.

The Directive has been published in the Official Journal L 127/51 of  29.4.2014 of the European Union and all Member States must implement its requirements. The Member States have 3 years from the date of publication in the Official Journal in which to incorporate the provisions of the Directive into their domestic laws and 4 years from that date to bring these changes in their laws into force.

The Directive sets out standards both for the performance of road-worthiness testing and for the standards which vehicles much reach. It also grants Member States a right, but not a duty,  to exempt “vehicles of historic interest” as defined in Article 3.7 of the Directive, from the requirements of this testing.

FIVA recommends that ANFs ensure that their Member States do exercise their right to exempt vehicles of historic interest from the application of the specific testing requirements of the Directive and that their law applies the most favorable and appropriate definition of a vehicle of historic interest within the parameters of Article 3.7.

The Guide takes readers through the terms of the complete Directive and makes certain recommendations so that all aspects can be put into context. Any ANF having difficulty in interpreting the terms of this guide is advised to contact the FIVA Legislation Commission whose members will be happy to provide further advice if requested.