ANF Member Organisation

Anderstorpsvägen 16, 6tr
SE – 171 54 SOLNA
President: Kurt Sjöberg
Secretary general: Jan Tägt
Tel.: + 46 8 302 801
E-mail: kansli@mhrf.se
Website: www.mhrf.se
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsR6yVPPZjbWpT0DRDNtyqw

Gösta Fraenckel, well known Gothenburg profile, filmed trips and competitions with cars and airplanes, the oldest films are from 1926. The films have been digitized by the Region Archives in collaboration with Svensk Flyghistorik Förening (the Swedish Aviation Historical Society), the Auto Racing heritage (Bilsportarvet) and Motorhistoriska Riksförbundet (MHRF).

More movies:

  • Movie 1: The Swedish Winter Grand Prix 28th February 1932.
  • Movie 2: A drive to Palermo 30th of April to 19th of May, and to Targa Florio 8th of May 1932.
  • Movie 3: The Grand Prix at Bollerup in Scania. 24th of July 1927.
  • Movie 4: Speed competition of The National Federation of Motorists’ Regional Department N. 4th of July 1926.
  • Movie 5: The Grand Prix of The Royal Swedish Automobile Club at Vram in Scania 3-6th August 1933.