FIVA office has moved!

After a fruitful and exciting 10 years based in Brussels, Belgium, FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens or international federation of historic vehicles) is pleased to announce the move to an independent office of its own, namely Villa Rey in the centre of Turin, Italy.

With the move, FIVA is also pleased to welcome a new member of the team: 36-year-old Gian Mario Mollar joins as General Secretary of FIVA from 14 June 2018. Widely known and respected thanks to his stint at Automotoclub Storico Italiano (ASI), where he’s been an important part of the functioning of Italy’s apex body, Gian Mario Mollar is already familiar with FIVA’s working culture and systems.

The current team is delighted that he will be bringing his combination of youth, vitality and experience to FIVA, ingredients that are necessary to improve the efficiency of this ever-growing federation of clubs, professionals, institutions, corporates, global partners – and like-minded automotive enthusiasts – from around the world.

Welcoming Gian Mario Mollar, FIVA president Patrick Rollet commented, “Gian Mario is a highly enthusiastic young colleague who will contribute markedly to the streamlining of systems and the workings of FIVA, and help us improve the professionalism and efficiency of this international body over the coming years.

“At the same time, we say a huge thank you and bid a fond farewell to Dora Caberg, who has given nine years of faithful and professional service to FIVA as our Office Manager in Brussels. Dora is supporting the transition from Brussels to Turin and will then be leaving FIVA on 31 August 2018.”

The new FIVA office address is:

Villa Rey
Strada Val San Martino Superiore 27B
10131 Torino

Gian Mario Mollar’s contact details are:
Mobile: +39 391 725 9962


Notes to Editors
FIVA is the only global organisation of its kind aiming to encourage the safe use of historic, mechanically propelled road vehicles, while remaining equally focused on preserving and promoting the very culture of motoring. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme.

For more press information, or to speak to a FIVA representative for a specific country, please contact Gautam Sen, FIVA’s Vice President Communications on, +33(0) 6 87 16 43 39 (mobile), or +33(0) 1 53 19 14 20 (landline).

FIVA office has moved!