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Ms. Yeliz Balıbey joins T,S & Y Commission

Ms. Yeliz Balıbey speeching during the FIVA GA in Bucharest.

FIVA, the International Federation of Classical Automobiles, gathered in Romania’s capital city Bucharest from November 15th to 19th where it held their General Assembly with more than 220 representatives of local federations from all over the world. For the first time in the history of FIVA a commissioner was installed from Turkey; Ms. Yeliz Balıbey joined the commission of Trade, Skills and Youth, and became the first female member to be elected to this commission.


Yeliz Balibey is working in the Real Estate business but in addition to her professional life, she also created a platform for women who, such as she, love classical vehicles: www.klasikkadin.com. She writes about classical cars on this site and shares her impressions from the rallies she participates in.

FIVA: We welcome Yeliz in this new and exciting position whereby attracting the younger generation to the Historic Vehicle scene will be one of the main tasks of this very active lady!

The full interview (in Turkish) can be seen here

Ms. Yeliz Balıbey and Patrick Rollet during the GA in Krakow, Poland in 2015

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Historic Vehicles and the Younger Generation

There is great interest in Historic vehicles by the younger generation and FIVA tries to inspire more of them to keep the Historic Vehicles and related culture alive, on the streets where they belong.

Lluis Dejuan of our AFN in Andorra made this beautiful video to stimulate the preservation and enjoyment of Historic Vehicles.

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GA 2017 – Bucharest

Dear Bogdan, dear members of the RETROMOBIL CLUB ROMANIA,

On behalf of the FIVA General Committee and all FIVA Officers, I want to thank you for the remarkable work you and your RCR team achieved to prepare and organize the 2017 FIVA General Assembly. I personally received only compliments from the delegates and their companions about the choice of venues, the comfort of the hotel, the meals and, above all, the sense of service and attention to details you demonstrated over these few days.

The gala dinner was a wonderful place to be and a souvenir to remember. We all appreciated to meet the President of the Romanian Senate and could only rejoice about his enthusiasm as a collector of historic vehicles. We hope that this international gathering of FIVA delegates in Bucharest will help RCR in fostering new initiatives and developments in Romania for the benefit of the movement. I hope in particular that you will be in a position to send us good news about the national museum in the near future.

Please transmit our thanks and gratitude to all the members of your team.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Patrick Rollet
FIVA President

Photo’s: HERE

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FIVA welcomes new members from Nepal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Namibia

FIVA welcomes new members from Nepal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Namibia

Up till now, Nepal, Bosnia and Namibia might not have been the first countries to spring to mind when thinking of the classic vehicle movement. Yet each is a nation with a strong ethos of historic vehicle ownership and enjoyment – and a unique history of extraordinary cars.

By becoming members of FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens, or international federation of historic vehicles), organisations from these three countries have demonstrated their commitment to the international historic vehicle movement.

“It is with great delight that we welcome Vintage & Classic Motor Inc Nepal, the Oldtimer Club of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and – as a Museum member – the Old Wheelers Club of Namibia, to our global community of historic vehicle enthusiasts,” says FIVA’s Director for Membership, Howard Danino.

“Each of these countries embodies a distinctive car culture, and our existing members from 65 nations will be enriched by association with three such vibrant new members. It’s clear that the passion for historic vehicles we all share is becoming an increasingly global phenomenon. This can only be good news for the future of the movement.”

The organisations that have committed to join FIVA are:

Vintage & Classic Motor Inc. Nepal
Of the 131 members on the club’s books, a significant number are lifetime members, and there are also 26 registered vehicles with the oldest being a 1928 Ford Model A Standard Phaeton 35A.

Oldtimer Club of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
The current membership is 145 individuals with 45 vehicles, the oldest being a 1929 Mercedes SSK. By joining FIVA, the club hopes to spread through Bosnia and Herzegovina, attracting others to become members.

Old Wheelers Club of Namibia (Museum member)
In June 1986, 26 historic car enthusiasts got together to form a club with the aim of encouraging the ownership, use, restoration and preservation of motor vehicles more than 25 years old. The membership has since grown to more than 500 and the club is about to start work on building ‘The National Motoring Museum’ in Namibia.

Notes to Editors

FIVA is the only global organisation of its kind aiming to encourage the safe use of historic, mechanically propelled road vehicles, while remaining equally focused on preserving and promoting the very culture of motoring. Since April 2017, FIVA has been a non-governmental partner of UNESCO, and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme.

For more press information, or to speak to a FIVA representative for a specific country, please contact Gautam Sen, FIVA’s Vice President Communications on communications@fiva.org, +33(0) 6 87 16 43 39 (mobile), or +33(0) 1 53 19 14 20 (landline).

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FIVA membership of the Oldtimer Club Mostar

Following the confirmation of the Oldtimer Club Mostar membership at FIVA, a press conference was organized in Mostar. Here are a press article and photo. FIVA, whose activities around the world I have personally presented and its efforts to promote and preserve culture. Speech translated into Croatian and presented by Tina Vidovic, Communication Director of Oldtimer Club Mostar.

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Classic Car Club of Turkey has moved its new Lounge to Maslak42, Istanbul.

The opening was celebrated with a cocktail on 20th of September.

President Aydın Harezi and his board members Bahar Sunman, Durgut Berberoğlu, Murat Şakar, Mustafa Bağrıaçık gave intensive care to all of the guests individually. More than a hundred guests; club members, leading classic car fans, and media members were served traditional Turkish food; delicious Doner Kebab, and Baklava. The guests enjoyed live music, till midnight.

Guests had tremendous interest on the “One Brick From You” campaign, which will be funding the club’s upcoming programmes. The new lounge Maslak42 is in the city center, has very easy access to main roads and  is located right next to the Maslak Atatürk Auto Industrial Site where all the classic car lovers like to spend their time.

Classic Car Club of Turkey ‘s new contact is;

Klasik Otomobil Kulübü
Maslak Atatürk Oto Sanayi 55. Street
42 Maslak Arts & Shops
No:4/18  34398 Sarıyer,
İstanbul / Türkiye
T: +90 (212) 803 40 10
F: +90 (212) 803 40 02

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HERO hosted the very first FIVA Stewards’ Seminar

HERO was honoured recently to host the very first FIVA (Fédération Internationale Véhicules Anciens) Stewards’ Seminar to be held in the UK. Twenty-two Delegates from around the world attended and after a welcome to the UK and HERO offices in South Wales, delegates settled into an informative and enjoyable day.

At the Stewards’ Seminar, a wide range of technical information, upcoming advice for owners of historic vehicles and general discussion on the promotion of the historic movement were discussed. HERO provided the premises and some of its Arrive and Drive fleet for delegates to use for training in the inspection of vehicles against their FIVA Identity Cards.  This is an important document issued by FIVA technical specialists to vehicle owners that documents the build and identity of historic vehicles.  It is valid for 10 years after which it can be renewed.

In 2016 FIVA received UNESCO patronage for its World Motoring Heritage Year to promote and educate people in the relevance of historic vehicles from motorcycles to cars, buses, trucks and utility vehicles illustrating the huge role that these vehicles have played and continue to play as part of our cultural heritage.


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AFTER 2040, it will no longer be legal to sell new vehicles in the UK that rely solely on petrol or diesel power. This announcement of the wholesale electrification of personal transport is a stark reminder that the UK is on a one-way street to a carbon-free future. Few deny that the road to cleaner air and renewable energy is the only one open if we are to protect the future of humanity and its environment, but the realities, logistics and practicalities of accommodating such an all-encompassing change are anything but straightforward. The questions and fears raised by the enforced switch to hybrids and pure electric vehicles are complex and far-reaching, and the historic car movement faces its own concerns not debated in the mainstream media.

From Octane Magazine; more here

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CAReer meeting at Glasurit

On the 7th of august a meeting took place at the Glasurit facilities in Münster – Germany with as main topic the involvement of younger people in the (historic) vehicle scene. Glasurit, just as many other companies, sees a potential issue with finding new employees that are interested in learning the skills required to do body-work, repair and spray-painting. This was the second in series of meetings planned around this topic whereby many ideas where discussed.

Present during the meeting where representatives of WorldSkills (link here), an organisation that holds events whereby the younger generation can demonstrate their capabilities and that ultimately results into a competition to find the world’d best crafts-person. The WorldSkills Competitions are held around the world and finalists are sought after by leading companies due to their high involvement, skills and enthusiasm.

Supported by people from Glasurit’s marketing, HR and other departments, these meetings will form a basis for a wider reaching approach that will show the younger generation that despite the changing ideas about public and private transport, a good career can found in the many aspects of vehicle maintenance and restoration.

Present during the meeting where:

  • Hubert Romer – WorldSkills
  • Andrea Zeus – ZDK / WorldSkills Germany
  • Jos Theuns   FIVA VP & Webmaster
  • Bert Pronk, Laszlo Mogyorossy  – FEHAC NL
  • Oliver Birk  – KAM BASF
  • Anne Heimes-Scheller – Global Strategic Marketing BASF
  • Marie Jahn – Training Design BASF


The meeting was hosted by Jürgen Book, responsible for Classic Vehicles at Glasurit/BASF.  Jürgen Book is a big fan of ‘American Metal’ and was kind enough to pick-up the participants with his very nice Cadillac at the gate of Glasurit. Our gratitude goes to Jürgen Book and his colleagues for the well organised meeting and the open and frank discussions held

Jos Theuns

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Masterclass: Drive the Nürburgring Nordschleife with Walter Röhrl

Who better to teach you the right lines on the Nürburgring Nordschleife than Walter Röhrl, two-time World Rally Champion and multiple lap record-holder on the infamous 13-mile circuit?


When FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) asked Röhrl to drive a textbook lap in a classic Porsche 911 with onboard cameras to catch his every move, the motorsport legend leapt at the chance to help. The car he drove was a Porsche 911 rally car carefully rebuilt to the exact spec of the 1979 ‘Heigo’ 911 of Porsche engineer and rally driver Dieter Röscheisen, with the addition of several cameras and subtle FIVA branding. And of course, as a classic car enthusiast and renowned perfectionist, Röhrl turned up in his original overalls from the era.

With the support of Pirelli, FIVA has released the video of Röhrl’s full lap of the Nordschleife, giving a masterclass on the perfect, super-smooth style – and the right lines – for a brisk lap in a classic 911.

In this, the Nordschleife’s 90th anniversary year, Röhrl explains what makes ‘the ’Ring’ so special:

“It’s the only perfect test track in the world. If you want to make a perfect car, you have to come here because you can find all conditions – steep descents and compressions, adverse cambers and banked corners, more than 20km of up and down. In rally driving there is no space for mistakes and it’s the same at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It shows who is a good driver: it’s dangerous, and only the best can win.”

Follow Röhrl’s pace and lines and you’ll avoid the well-known traps – such as Adenauer-Forst, which catches out more beginners than any other corner on the circuit. This very sharp left-hander, on a blind crest just after the excitement of  ‘The Foxhole’, often sees newcomers fly off the track at high speed. Röhrl shows the correct approach, slowing on the right line and finally getting well over to the right before turning in.

The tightest, slowest corner on the Nordschleife is Wehrseifen, reached downhill at very high speed. Röhrl shows how to tackle the tricky, blind approach. And there’s Wippermann, a fast right-hander quite late in the lap (steeply up on the way in, steeply down as you leave). Its deceptive approach suggests too early a clipping point. Follow your instincts and you’ll get a big shock; follow Röhrl’s line and you’ll leave the corner smiling.

Finally, FIVA asked Röhrl about the classic rally Porsche he took round the track. How does it differ from a modern Porsche? “The biggest difference is that in the classic you have no electronic help at all; it’s up to you as a driver whether it’s good on the road or not. Modern electronics are really helpful in driving: if you make a mistake the electronics help bring you back. But despite decades of development, a modern 911 follows the same concept.”

Notes to Editors

Walter Röhrl’s full lap of the Nordschleife is free to use for editorial purposes. Walter Röhrl’s run on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a 9 minute video, can be downloaded hereClick to view or right-click and ‘save as’ to download.

FIVA is the only global organisation of its kind aiming to encourage the safe use of historic, mechanically propelled road vehicles, while remaining equally focused on preserving and promoting the very culture of motoring. In April 2017, FIVA signed a partnership (consultative status) with UNESCO and continues to pursue its successful FIVA World Motoring Heritage Year programme.

For more press information, or to speak to a FIVA representative for a specific country, please contact Gautam Sen, FIVA’s Vice President External Relations on communications@fiva.org, +33(0) 6 87 16 43 39 (mobile), or +33(0) 1 53 19 14 20 (landline).

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